POWER2DM has produced the following (public) deliverables. For more information, please contact project manager Maaike Beltman: maaike.beltman@tno.nl or Albert de Graaf: albert.degraaf@tno.nl.

Power2DM D1.1 User Requirements and Use Case Scenarios

Power2DM D1.2 Requirements Specification of the POWER2DM Architecture

Power2DM D1.3 Conceptual Design of the POWER2DM Architecture

Power2DM D1.4 Software Test Plan for POWER2DM Infrastructure and its Components

Power2DM D2.1 Short-term Predictive Component

Power2DM D2.2 Mid- and Long-term Predictive Component

Power2DM D2.5 Mockups for GUI Components related with   Visualization of Predictions and Simulations

Power2DM D3.1 Dynamic Behaviour Change Intervention Models for Self Management

Power2DM D4.5 Data Quality Analysis Framework I

Power2DM D4.9 Privacy/Security Enablers for POWER2DM Services

Power2DM D5.1 Specific Requirements of Pilot Sites

Power2DM D5.2 Quantification Campaign Methodology

Power2DM D5.3  Evaluation of Campaign Methodology

POWER2DM D7.1 Communication and Dissemination Plan

Power2DM D7.4 Open research Data Management Plan

Power2DM D8.1 Project presentation

Power2DM D8.2 Project Web Site